Past events

December 15th 2017

Our traditional Julefrokost / Christmas Dinner

18: 00 – 23:00 Venue: Deense Zeemanskerk in Rotterdam

IMG_8439 IMG_8441 IMG_8449 IMG_8442

December 13th 2017

The New Coalition Agreement and its Impact on Business.

Joint event DDBC and 10 European Chambers of Commerce


Jeroen Lammers, VNO-NCW

Robert van der Jagt, KPMG Meijburg & Co

Tim Stevens, Allen & Overy

Bert Colijn, ING Bank

Logos G 10 eventUnknown

IMG_8433 IMG_8434 IMG_8436 IMG_8437

Oktober 10th 2017

#NordicTalks   “No time to Waste”

Joint event DDBC, Swedish Chamber and Finnish Chamber, with participation of the Ambassadors of Denmark, Zweden, Norway and Finland

Keynote speaker: Andre Veneman, Akzo Nobel

Moderator: Johanna Lund Rockliffe

Charlotte Wolff-Bye, Statoil

Robert A. Taylor,  UPM Raflatac

Hannie Stappers, ROCKWOOL

Annelien van Meer, Enact Netherlands

Rob Wolters, Ericsson Netherlands

IMG_2263 IMG_2184 IMG_2218 IMG_2228

IMG_2209 IMG_2175 IMG_2320 IMG_2337

IMG_2357 IMG_2359 IMG_2372 IMG_2385

IMG_2390 IMG_2402 IMG_2411 IMG_2413

IMG_2432 IMG_2428 IMG_2434 IMG_2450

Photographer: Hanne Hansen


September 8th 2017

Sailing trip and dinner on Ijsselmeer with De “Rederijker”, Muiden 

IMG_7925 20170908-IMG_9303 20170908-IMG_9342 20170908-IMG_9350

20170908-IMG_9285  20170908-IMG_9318 20170908-IMG_9294 20170908-IMG_9296

20170908-IMG_9309 20170908-IMG_9311 20170908-IMG_9321 20170908-IMG_9326

20170908-IMG_9329 20170908-IMG_9331 20170908-IMG_9360 20170908-IMG_9363

Photographer: Hanne Hansen


June 7th 2017

Danish Constitution Day

Networking reception Celebrating Danish Constitution Day at the Danish Ambassador’s residence, Den Haag

20170607-IMG_6529 20170607-IMG_6533 20170607-IMG_6534 20170607-IMG_6550

20170607-IMG_6556 20170607-IMG_6560 20170607-IMG_6565 20170607-IMG_6566

20170607-IMG_6568 20170607-IMG_6572 20170607-IMG_6593 20170607-IMG_6599

20170607-IMG_6604 20170607-IMG_6626 20170607-IMG_6630 20170607-IMG_6641

Photographer: Hanne Hansen


May 18th 2017

Design Event at Design Post Amsterdam

We had an inspiring visit in the beautiful showroom of Danish fabric brand Kvadrat, as well as the ones of Montis, Moroso and Arper.
20170518-IMG_6466 20170518-IMG_6483 20170518-IMG_6488 20170518-IMG_6494

20170518-IMG_6484 20170518-IMG_6498 20170518-IMG_6506 20170518-IMG_6508

20170518-IMG_6522 20170518-IMG_6525 20170518-IMG_6450 20170518-IMG_6478

Photographer: Hanne Hansen


February 9th 2017

Annual General Meeting

18:00-19:00 with dinner in Restaurant GÅRD Nordic Kitchen, Amsterdam Zuid-Oost


December 16th 2016

Annual Christmas dinner

We enjoyed the traditional Danish Christmas dinner (“julefrokost”) together with our friends from the Danske frokostklub in the Danish church, Sømandskirken, in Rotterdam.


November 17th 2016

Meeting the Danish Minister of Employment

By invitation from the Danish Ambassador to the Netherlands, H.E. Mr Ole Moesby, we met with the Danish Minister of Employment, H.E. Mr Jørn Neergaard Larsen and his team and with representatives of the Dutch labour-maket at the Hilton Hotel in The Hague.

img_6795a img_6794a neergaard6 neergaard3 neergaard5 neergaard1

Photographer: Mark Wøldike


November 9th 2016

American Breakfast – Joint event DDBC and 9 European Chambers of Commerce

We enjoyed an early breakfast at the Amsterdam Hotel American and discussed the results of the American elections. Keynote speakers:

Mr Michiel B. Caarten, journalist

Mr Marcel Baartman, senior economist at Clingendael

Mr David McCawley, U.S. Consul General to Amsterdam.

20161109-img_3470 20161109-img_3509 20161109-img_3537 20161109-img_3561 20161109-img_3582 20161109-img_3590 20161109-img_3593 20161109-img_3602 20161109-img_3615 20161109-img_3619 20161109-img_3620 20161109-img_3627 20161109-img_3633 20161109-img_3637 20161109-img_3641 20161109-img_3647 20161109-img_3669 20161109-img_3673 20161109-img_3682 20161109-img_3694

Photographer: Hanne Hansen


October 28th 2016

Ambassadors Talk

The ambassador to The Netherlands in Denmark, Mr Henk Swarttouw and the ambassador to Denmark in The Netherlands, Mr Ole Moesby, talked about business culture in our respective counties.

20161028-img_3389 20161028-img_3429 20161028-img_3412 20161028-img_3425

20161028-img_3424 20161028-img_3420 20161028-img_3413 20161028-img_3437

20161028-img_3398 20161028-img_3399  20161028-img_3446 20161028-img_3450

Photographer: Hanne Hansen


September 22th 2016


Joint event DDBC, Swedish Chamber and Finnish Chamber – on Disruption, with participation of the Ambassadors of Denmark, Zweden, Norway and Finland

Keynote speaker: Prof. Jan Rotmans

Moderator: Robin Teigland

Mikael Nilsson: CEO November First (DK),

Wolfgang Hackenberg: Nokia (F

Malin Holmberg: CEO Tele2 (Zw)

Fredrik Mowill: CEO Opra Turbines (N)

nordictalks_22sept16-verkleind-159 nordictalks_22sept16-verkleind-90 nordictalks_22sept16-verkleind-139 nordictalks_22sept16-verkleind-271

nordictalks_22sept16-verkleind-223 nordictalks_22sept16-verkleind-189 nordictalks_22sept16-verkleind-337 nordictalks_22sept16-verkleind-150

Photographer: Hanneke Bergsma


June 3th 2016

Danish Constitution Day

Networking reception Celebrating Danish Constitution Day at the Danish Ambassador’s residence, Den Haag

20160603-img_7817 20160603-img_7837 20160603-img_7868 20160603-img_7853

20160603-img_7828 20160603-img_7841 20160603-img_7857 20160603-img_7867

20160603-img_7886 20160603-img_7885 20160603-img_7866 20160603-img_7892

20160603-img_7851 20160603-img_7840 20160603-img_7838 20160603-img_7835

Photographer: Hanne Hansen


May 12th 2016

From 0-1500+ employee …how did she do it and why?

DDBC member Hanne Hansen introduced one of her sources of inspiration, the charismatic indian born Shabnam Ramaswamy. Her tireless efforts and vision have paved for children and especially girls to receive education. To reach her goal she build a co-operative of 1.500+ employee. Why and how did she do it. We got inspired by Shabnam Ramaswamy’s entrepreneurship.

20160512-img_7758-45 20160512-img_7752-44  20160512-img_7770-49 20160512-img_7788-54

20160512-img_7792-56 20160512-img_7797-58 20160512-img_7800-61 20160512-img_7805-64

20160512-img_7810-68 20160512-img_7806-65

Photographer: Hanne Hansen


February 9th 2016

General Assembly

The Annual General Assembly was held in Amsterdam. 4 new members were elected to the board.


September 17 2015

Nordic Business Forum

Annual Nordic Business Event with Swedish and Finnish Business Clubs at PWC in Amsterdam

dsc_0065 dsc_0066 dsc_0068 dsc_0082

img_3628      img_3634 img_3630      img_3629

dsc_0080 dsc_0090 dsc_0092 dsc_0098


September 11 2015

40 Years Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating Danish Dutch Business Club 40 years anniversary at Restaurant Bøg in The Hague, enjoying exquisite new Nordic cuisine and remembering old times.

unknown-1 img_4767 img_0527  img_0528

May  22  2015

Visiting APM Termials Maasvlakte II

Mærsk Line Invited DDBC to a spectacular view in the newly opened APM Terminals. The almost fully automated container site gave a great look into the future of efficient shipping. We finished the day at the highest point of Rotterdam in the Euromast, where we enjoyed the full view of Rotterdam and her immense harbour.

20150522-img_6522 20150522-img_6521 20150522-img_6528 20150522-img_6526 20150522-img_6544 20150522-img_6543 20150522-img_6539 20150522-img_6549

Photographer: Hanne Hansen


October 7 2014

Nordic Event Amsterdam (EYE Film Institute)

Together with the Finnish Dutch Trade Guild and the Swedish Chamber we invite 3 keynote speakers from H&M, ISS and UPM to talk about Corporate Social Responsibility

20141007-img_0985 20141007-img_1246 20141007-img_1189 20141007-img_1182 20141007-img_1161 20141007-img_1143 20141007-img_1091 20141007-img_1080 20141007-img_1061 20141007-img_1165

Photographer: Hanne Hansen


September 10 2014
Company visit DONG (at the Enecogen Centrale in the habour of Rotterdam)
After the visit, we enjoyed a light dinner at the Sømandskirke in Rotterdam

img_1507              img_1485 img_1493  img_1491 img_1501  img_1489  img_1509  img_1497                      img_1504  img_1503

Photographer: Hanne Hansen

June 5 2014
Constitutional day / Grundlovsdag at Ambassador Residence


March 31 2014
Company visit European Cybercrime Centre EC3

December 13 2013
Christmas Dinner; Julefrokost in Sømandskirken

Joint Nordic Event on Social Media 27 September 2013 in Amsterdam with presentations by LinkedIn, SAS and Ubivox


Business Trip to Copenhagen
Friday 6th – Sunday 8th of September 2013
Visits to Copenhagen Airport, Carlsberg City development, Kopenhagen Fur and Zentropa Film studio’s

WP_000756 img_8301 img_8292 img_8289 img_8294 img_8313 img_8312 img_8311

Friday 21st of June 2013
Barbecue at Gallerie Lærken in Hazerswoude
Presentations by members Hanne Hansen Photography, Nezu Aymo Architects and D-Line

European Space Agency
April 4th 2013
A tour of ESTEC in Noordwijk

New Year’s Reception
Friday 25 January 2013
Ambassador’s New Year’s Reception
General Assembly
Dinner in Town

Danish Christmas Lunch
Friday December 13th 2012
in the Danish Seamen’s Church

Visit to Maersk APM Terminals
October 12th 2012

Sailing Trip 2012
Friday 31 August 2012

Summer meet-and-greet
Friday 01 June 2012
As a business club, we offer you the possibility to meet-and-greet potential new members of the DDBC whom we have invited to this event.

Lunch Cruise in Amsterdam
Friday the 13th of April 2012

Ambassador’s New Year’s Reception
Friday 27 January 2012
Ambassador’s New Year’s Reception
Dinner in Town

Christmas Buffet
Friday 09 December 2011
The Danish Dutch Business Club is delighted to invite you and your partner, business associates or friends to the traditional Christmas Buffet.

The Finnish Dutch Trade Guild – Business
Tuesday 25 October 2011
From The Finnish Dutch Trade Guild we have received an invitation for a business luncheon in The Hague.

Sailing Trip 2011
Friday 02 September 2011
at IJsselmeer.

Christmas Buffet
Friday 10 December 2010

Sail Amsterdam 2010
Thursday 19 August 2010
Sail Amsterdam 2010

Swedish Chamber of Commerce
Mon 07 Jun 2010
Master Class Luncheon,
Keynote speaker: Victor R. Muller, CEO Spyker Cars

New Year´s Reception
Fri 29 Jan 2010
Ambassador’s New Year’s Reception
Dinner Dance

Christmas Event
Friday 11 December 2009
Danish Church, Rotterdam

Brandboxx, Almere
Wednesday 28th October 2009

Presentations, Power Point etc.
Wed 30 September 2009
Mövenpick Hotel, Voorburg

Topic: to be announced
Friday 18th of September 2009, 5.00-7.00 p.m.
Master Class
Hotel Mövenpick, Voorburg

Sailing Trip
Friday 4 September 2009
Sailing Trip from the harbour of Muiden on DE REDERIJKER

Legal Matters
Wed 01 July 2009
Master Class on Legal Matters
Mövenpick Hotel, Voorburg

Soccer and Business in The Netherlands
Thursday 11 Jun 2009
Guest speaker Søren Lerby: Soccer and Business in The Netherlands
Residence of the Ambassador, The Hague

Business Sales
Wed 13 May 2009
Business Sales
Mövenpick Hotel, Voorburg

New Years Reception
Thursday 29th of January 2009
Ambassador’s New Years Reception followed by dinner in restaurant

Christmas Buffet
Friday 28th of November 2008
Christmas Buffet, Danish Church, Rotterdam

Nordic Business Luncheon
Thu 25 September 2008
Guest speaker: Mr. Job Cohen, Mayor of Amsterdam

Sailing Trip 2008
Fri 13 Jun 2008

Monday 14 Apr 2008
Invitation, Danish Fashion in The Netherlands

New Years Reception
Thursday 31 January 2008
The Ambassador’s New Years Reception followed by dinner in restaurant
General meeting

Christmas Event
Friday 07 December 2007

the Nordic Nokia Company Visit
Thursday 08 November 2007

Sailing trip
Friday 07 September 2007
Sailing trip
harbour of Vlaardingen
Sailing area: The harbour of Rotterdam//World Harbour Days

Golf Tournament
Friday 01 June 2007
You are invited by: The Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Business Trip to Sweden and Denmark
Thursday 24 May 2007
Swedish Chamber of Commerce the Netherlands
Business Trip to South Sweden and Denmark
Ørestad, Skåne and Småland
24 – 25 May 2007

Business Luncheon
Business Luncheon
Friday 13 April 2007
at Kurhaus Hotel Scheveningen
Guest Speaker: Mr. Jeroen van der Veer
Chief Executive Royal Dutch Shell plc
“Your energy…”

New Year
Thursday 25 January 2007
The Danish Ambassador, Mrs. Kirsten Biering, is delighted to invite you and your partner to be her guests at the New Year’s Reception in her residence at Sophialaan 11.

SAS Hotel Schiphol
Thursday 02 November 2006
Presentations about the region of Øresund.

DFDS ferry
Friday 06 October 2006
Visit to and lunch onboard a new DFDS-ferry in Ijmuiden.
Host and speaker: Mr Ivar Samren, chairman of the board of DFDS A/S

Sailing trip Ijsselmeer
Friday 01 September 2006
Sailing trip IJselmeer
Departure: Hoorn

The Ambassador’s New Year’s Reception
Thursday 01 January 1970

The Ambassador’s New Year’s Reception
Friday the 28th of January 2011

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